Testing GPE4GTK-1.5 clients

Vladimir N. Ryabinin, Intel Corporation

Version 0.1 December 7, 2007

This document describes how to use the automated testing package to test the installed GPE4GTK clients.

This test package uses ant version 1.6.5 or higher.

1. Installation

This package is distributed as .zip or .tar.gz file. To install this test package you should:

2. Automatic testing

Execute following command to run all tests:

ant test

All tests will be run. The report will be printed to the standard output. The final results will be placed at end of the protocol.

NB: do not use keyboard or mouse during the automated testing process.

3. Editing tests with Costello

You can execute the tests in arbitrary order and edit the tests with the Costello script editor. Execute following command:

ant costello

The script editor Costello will be loaded and its window will appear on screen. You can load, analyze, execute and edit a test script using this editor. Refer to documentation at http://abbot.sourceforge.net/doc/overview.shtml for details.

After editing test scripts with Costello, you must execute the following command to adapt them to your testing environment (with the testing configuration prepared on the stage of testing packages installation):

ant save

Test scripts saved to scripts directory will be post-processed and saved into templates directory.

4. ant165 scripts

You can use scripts ant165.bat or ant165.sh if you do not have the required ant version (1.6.5+) on your computer. These scripts accept the same parameters as ant. E.g.:

./ant165.sh costello