GPE Remote File Manager

Dmitry N. Petrov, Intel Corporation

Version 0.0 June 28, 2005

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0.0 June 28, 2005

Dmitry N. Petrov

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0.1 January 24, 2008

Dmitry N. Petrov

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1. Introduction

This document describes how to get started with the GPE Remote File Manager in the version 1.5.2. We assume that you�re familiar with the basic GPE concepts and have already started (or have access to) a GPE server. We are always looking for feedback so if you have any comments or bug reports or are just interested in our development please register at our bug tracking system at:

2. Configuring Remote File Manager

Remote File Manager uses the same security mechanisms as Application Client. If you have already configured the security setting using an Application Client, you are ready to connect to the grid. Refer to the Application Client documentation for more details.

3. Using Remote File Manager

Remote file manager has to panels: "Local" panel (in the upper half of the Remote File Manager window) and "Grid" panel (in the lower half of the Remote File Manager window). Local panel represents your local file system, grid panel represents the storages of the target systems available on the grid. Both panels list available directories and files with their attributes. You can sort the list of files by attribute by clicking on the corresponding column header in the file list table.

Right click on the file or directory in the tree to see the file operations menu. Here you can perform all the usual file operations (refresh, copy files with copy and paste, rename, remove, create directory). These operations are self-explanatory.