Installing GPE Portal Client

Alexander Lukichev, Intel Corporation

Version 1.0 November 16, 2007

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1.0 November 16, 2007

Alexander Lukichev

updates for 1.5.2

1 Obtaining GPE Portal Client

Before installing GPE Portal Client you have to obtain its package. One possible option is to build it from the sources.

  1. Checkout the sources from SVN GPE4GTK repository:

    $ svn co

  2. Prepare for building the packages:
  3. $ cd 1.5.0/shared/build; mvn install

  4. Build the shared code:
  5. $ cd 1.5.0/shared; mvn install

  6. Build the gpe4gtk code:
  7. $ cd 1.5.0/gtk4; mvn install

The portal client WAR can now be found in 1.5.0/gtk4/clients/portlet/target.

2 Obtaining the portlet container

Obtain a portlet container. One possible option is to download Apache Pluto bundled with Tomcat. After the portlet container is downloaded, unpack it. Don't forget to set the appropriate CATALINA_HOME environment variable.

3 Installing portlet web application

3.1 Unpacking portlet

Unpack the portlet bundle to the corresponding webapp location. For example for Pluto container this may look like:

$ cd $CATALINA_HOME/webapps
$ mkdir gpeportalclient && cd gpeportalclient
$ jar xvf gpe4gtk-portlet-client-1.5.2.war

3.2 Deploying portlet

The portlet container must be configured to include the installed portlet. Refer the portlet container manual for the deployment procedure.

Deploying to a Pluto container includes:

3.3 Configuring the GPE Portal Client

Additional configuration steps must be performed before running the client:

4 Running the GPE Portlet Client

Run the portlet container. E.g. for Pluto container: