Interface Summary
Action The basic element of the workflow.
ActionScope.GenericCatch The generic interface for the fault handler.
DataStagingSetup Setting up the data staging elements in the JSDL Job definition.
GPEWorkflowJob The extension of WorkflowJob with factory methods for creating some workflow actions.
PartnerLinkValue The generic representation of the partner link value.
Scope The variable scope.
VariableValue The variable value.
WorkflowJobClient The Workflow Job Management Service client object.

Class Summary
ActionScope The action block equipped with fault handlers.
ActionScope.Catch Fault handler to catch faults with the (probably) specified QName.
Assignment The assignment between variables or partner links.
AtomicJob The complex action for performing an atomic job invocation.
BoundVariable<VariableValueType extends VariableValue> The pair of the variable and its value.
BPELPrimitives The set of methods for emitting BPEL primitives
CustomizableDataStagingSetup Create data staging setup code only for supported transfer mechanisms.
Declaration The declaration of a variable or a partner link.
Destroy The complex action for performing destruction of a WSRF resource.
FileExport The complex action for creating a file transfer (export) resource.
FileExportFromExpression The complex action for creating a file transfer (export) resource.
FileImport The complex action for creating a file transfer (import) resource.
FileImportFromExpression The complex action for creating a file transfer (import) resource.
Flow The set of parallel actions.
GetResourceProperty The complex action for performing GetResourceProperty request.
Invocation The invocation of some web-service
InvocationParameters The set of utility methods returning some predefined sets of GPE invocation parameters.
ListFileProperties The complex action for performing an invocation of StorageManagement.ListProperties request.
PartnerLink The name of the partner link object.
Pick Waiting for messages to the workflow resource.
Pick.OnMessage The message handler.
Sequence The sequence of actions.
Switch The selection construct.
Switch.Case The representation of the code branch with the condition to be tested in order to execute the branch.
Throw Throw a user defined fault.
URLBasedDataStagingSetup Base class for URL based data staging
Variable The object representing a variable or its part.
While The loop construct.
Workflow The wrapper for the namespace mappings and the root method for emitting the workflow code.
WSDLReference This is an URI of the WSDL document that contains port type and operation definitions used in the workflow description.

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